Learning Experience Design

Supporting Learners
Organizations that have started implementing elearning typically find that it's not as effective as they intended. There are nuances in content development, design, and assessment that are easy to overlook. The solution is to review your approaches for opportunities to improve, including templates, design processes, structure, and skill-sourcing. To develop solutions that bring not only the most effective learning, but the greatest efficiencies and offer the greatest opportunities, we consider:
  • cognitive learning principles
  • emotional motivation elements
  • social learning opportunities
  • information design
  • information architecture
  • performance support approaches
  • design processes and designer limitations
  • content structure and tags
  • metrics and evaluation
  • tips and tricks derived from long experience
We systematically analyze the approaches you take, the learning goals you address, the content you develop, and the ways you evaluate the outcomes to ensure that your elearning is optimally designed. We can do any or all of:
  • review existing output and processes
  • develop or refine templates and guidelines
  • provide workshops to develop your team
  • review progress to develop the longer term capability

Areas we improve:

  • Instructional Design: we apply a repertoire of deep learning principles, cognitive and emotional, to ramp up both the effectiveness and engagement of content.
  • Mobile Solutions: we have led the development of mobile design principles, and can assist your organization in making mobile part of your repertoire of solutions.
  • Immersive Learning Simulation Design: we have a unique talent for meeting learning outcomes by designing engaging experiences that effectively and efficiently address the need of deep skill shift. We can improve a design, or develop your own capability.
  • Content Model Development: we develop customized templates for content development that provide flexible access and sound design while capitalizing on the potential of learning object interoperability.
  • Assessment: we review the alignment between your objectives, your assessment, and your organizational metrics, providing more engaging and effective assessment.
  • Performance Solutions: we go beyond traditional elearning to look at ways to unify learning, information, and innovation to provide real performance solutions, including mobile, knowledge, and adaptive components.
The results are learning solutions that are engaging, effective, and efficient. Contact us to get started.