"...consistently demonstrated an imaginative (but also down-to-earth) ability to help the rest of us successfully to achieve the integration of advanced technology with the real world of learning." - James Burke, host of Connections, author of The Day the Universe Changed, and vision behind the KWeb Project

About Working with Quinnovation

Clark at Work
Quinnovation is two things: innovating for you, and innovating with you. Innovation happens by drawing upon rich frameworks, building on previous work, and applying design creatively to new problems. Quinnovation has a depth of experience and a demonstrated ability to apply that background to create successful solutions. We are adept at helping organizations equip themselves to be smarter, both more skilled and more creative, through applying technology. The value Quinnovation brings is in tying together your particular situation and our frameworks to help you make your organization smarter.

What is it like to Quinnovate? Below are the kinds of results our clients have reported, what we believe, our approach, and our differentiators. In short, Quinnovation delivers strategies that leverage technology to maximize performance impact and ultimate value to the organization. Don't take it from us, here are two separate posts from a project with a client: Srividya and Nirmal. (Most clients don't post such things!)

Expected Results

Strategic plans that integrate elearning and performance tactics. Quinnovation's work with clients places their individual situation in a larger context that provides both short term recommendations and longer term guidance suited to their goals.

Improved design templates that combine solid learning with motivation. Clients working with Quinnovation often are constrained by instructional design approaches that haven’t updated to the online era. They end up with a usable approach to elearning that’s leaner, more effective, and more engaging.

Learning simulation/scenario/game design that sets meaningful practice in a fun and yet effective way. Quinnovation excels at helping teams systematically design engaging learning experiences, providing the benefit of 25 years of experience in creating specific game solutions.

Curriculum paths that are maximally effective and yet minimally redundant. Clients often have a ‘silo’ approach to content that isn’t integrated and consequently is bloated and repetitive. Quinnovation develops a curriculum architecture that minimizes overlap and builds systematically.

Content development processes that streamline development and maximize use. Quinnovation works with clients to develop ‘content models’, single-source templates for content development that can populate more than just training, but can reach from marketing to help systems to write less, do more.

Information technology architectures that maximize reach of learning. Most organizations have ongoing IT initiatives that are not being used to support learning. Content-management systems, knowledge management initiatives, and dissemination of mobile devices are just a few of the opportunities that Quinnovation works with clients to drive or take advantage of.

Quinnovation Principles

Trustworthy – Quinnovation will not represent others’ work as our own; we stay abreast of what’s happening and distill it down for you to your advantage but give credit where credit is due.

Knowledgeable – we remain active in practice and in academic research to bring you the best of what’s available. We’re recognized thought leaders, but we only Quinnovate when there aren’t pre-existing models to draw on.

Pragmatic – we believe our solutions have to work in the real world, delivering real results. There’s a place for experiments (and not only have we done them, we love them), but there’s a time and a place, and we work to make solutions that return value for money.

Valuable – we are dedicated to delivering returns, and our broad knowledge and experience means we can add value in most situations. If we’re not adding value, we’ve got other places to be and things to do.

Flexible – We have experience in many arenas – business, Higher Ed, K12, government, and not for profit – across many generations of technology, at many levels, in many roles, and have consistently demonstrated the ability to understand, adapt, and add value.

Creative – our understanding of the processes of design and how we think means we’ve developed ways to be really creative, thinking outside the box and reframing the problem to find the best solution, not just the best-known solution.

How Quinnovation Happens

We’re partners. Working with Quinnovation is like having an elearning mentor. We’re personal, getting to know you and designing solutions for your situation, not an off-the-shelf solution. We share our underlying principles, so you learn while you gain.

We’re concerned. We want solutions that work, so we bring the best thoughts in organizational efficiency, technology directions, and cognitive science to bear to create a solution that works for your organization, the people you’re responsible to and for, and the way people really work.

We’re quick. Quinnovation comes in light and fast, finding solutions and then getting out, not trying to hang on. If we're not adding value, we've other things to do.

We’re friendly. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we want to make working with us fun. Of course, sometimes friends have to be honest, and we take that responsibility too.

We’re thorough. We systematically analyze all the relevant factors, talk to the necessary group of stakeholders, bring to bear all the relevant frameworks, all to ensure that we're meeting the real need, not just the easy one.

Why Quinnovation

We’ve been Quinnovating in eLearning for over 35 years! It’s hard to believe, but Clark was doing elearning back in 1979! Back then we were exploring email to support classroom discussion using ARPAnet, the predecessor to the Internet, and we’ve just kept going: designing & programming early learning games on the Apple ][ with DesignWare, putting a learning game up on the Web back in 1995, running a teleconference in 1996, and so on. His whole career has been about learning and doing through technology at the cutting edge (with the scars to prove it!). We’re not some Johnny-come-lately, or a repurposed approach from another field, this is our life.

Quinnovation is about the most effective learning. We’re passionate about learning, and have investigated it from every perspective you can imagine: cognitive, behavioral, social, constructivist, we’ve even looked at machine learning to make sure we’ve covered every approach to ensure we’re doing this right.

Quinnovation is about the most powerful uses of technology. It’s not about the technology, it’s about what the technology can do. We’ve stayed current because we find technology fascinating, but more importantly we care about the opportunities it can bring. We continue to be amazed, and to find new ways to leverage these capabilities for learners. That said, we acknowledge that sometimes the best technology is people and paper.

Quinnovation is about results. We’ve spent years developing and delivering solutions time and again. We are up with the latest theory and practice, but we’re about applying it to solve problems. We stay on top of broadly related areas including organizational change, social media, and more, to ensure that our solutions work in the real world.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us, and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, next check out Our