Check out Clark's books:


Clark's had a workshop approved for the DevLearn conference. He may be part of the Learning Leaders Forum as well. He'll certainly be at the Upside Learning booth.

The LDA will be running Upside Learning's
Missing LXD Certificate workshop (developed and run by Clark) this summer (at times considered approachable for the AsiaPacific region.

Clark's organized, on behalf of the LDA, the
informal & Social Learning Mini-Conference at the end of June with a stellar lineup including Harold Jarche, Mark Britz, Kat Koppett, Emma Weber, and Matt Richter.

At the ATD International
Conference, Clark is providing an 'on demand' virtual presentation on "The Post-Cognitive Brain: The Foundation of a 21st Century L&D Strategy".

Clark and Markus wrote another
article for Learning Solutions Mag on LLMs.

In March, Clark spoke on LXD for Training Mag Network.

Clark will be part of a
webinar on how compliance can and should be important with Upside on March 15 at 8 AM PT.

For ATD, Clark wrote an
article on a 2023 trend to avoid.

Clark was
named as one of Eduflow's 100 Top Learning Influencers.

Markus Bernhardt and Clark co-wrote a
followup to their original article for Learning Solutions magazine.


article, Performance Focus For Deeper Learning Design, appeared in eLearning Industry in December.

For Upside Learning, Clark wrote a
whitepaper on Learning That Works, available from November.

From Oct 10 to 18 Nov, the Learning Development Accelerator ran their third annual (online) Learning Development
Conference. Clark covered Learning Science 101 and a deep dive on Learning Technology.

DevLearn in Las Vegas, Clark offered his Make It Meaningful workshop as a pre-con on Oct 24, ran a session on templates for resources, and served on a Guild Master panel.

Clark has taken on the role of Chief Learning Strategist for
Upside Learning (in addition to his LDA and Quinnovation roles).

At the People Matters L&D
Conference in Mumbai on Oct 11, Clark gave the opening keynote, and ran a master class on LXD.

eLearning Industry placed Clark in their eLearning Trailblazers: Learning Experience Design Experts

Clark offered an LXD
workshop before as well as a session on emotion during the Guild's online LXD event August 3-4.

Make It Meaningful: Taking Learning Design from Instructional to Transformational has been published as the first offering of LDA Press.

At Torrance Learning's
Download online event in May, Clark spoke on Diagramming.

In April, Clark did a keynote and a workshop for Minnesota

article with Markus Bernhardt, The Future of ID in an AI World, appeared in the Learning Guild's Learning Solutions in March.

There've been a series of interviews with Clark, including
Instructional Designers In Their Office Drinking Coffee (tho' Clark drinks tea), L&D Beyond, and L&D Spotlight.

At the Learning & The Brain
conference in San Francisco February 18-20, Clark talked about learning science.

In January, ATD published Clark's
article on learning science trends for 2022

Clark joined the Learning Development
Accelerator as a co-organizer and editor-in-chief of LDA Press at the beginning of the year.


Clark was
again recognized with Work-Learning Research's 2021 Neon Elephant award.

At the (online) ATD Japan
Summit in December, Clark was the opening keynote, talking about the post-cognitive implications for L&D.

Clark presented on Learning Science at ATD's
Core 4 Conference in Nashville in November.

DevLearn in October, Clark ran his Make It Meaningful workshop, did a session on learning science, another on cognitive gaps, led a Morning Buzz, and was part of a Guild Master's panel. (Phew!)

Clark presented on Learning Science at the ATD International
Conference in Salt Lake City on 30 August.

The Learning Development
Conference ran again this year from 21 June to 30 July, and Clark again hosted an asynchronous workshop on learning science, and a live session on implications of advances from cognitive science (at two separate times for better global coverage).

On 26 May, Training Mag Network featured a
webinar with Clark.

Clark's article
reviewed a recent paper by Kraiger & Ford on The Science of Workplace Instruction for the TD Blog.

ATD hosted a
webinar with Clark on 13 May about his new book.

Salience Learning Interviewed Clark for their
Your Brain On… podcast. First part of three here. Second part is here. Third and final part is here.

HPT Treasures' Guy Wallace
interviewed Clark about his book on 29 April.

The Inside Personal Growth podcast
interviewed Clark on 16 April.

The Learning Circle podcast interviewed Clark, available through
Apple and Stitcher.

Sean in the Shed livestreamed an interview with Clark via LinkedIn on 15 April at 8AM.

Clark's new book on
Learning Science for Instructional Designers, was published on 13 April.

The Learning Guild's
Learning Leader program interviewed Clark on 6 April.

Virtual Space Hero live streamed an
interview Clark on innovation on March 18 at 10AM PT via LinkedIn.

Clark's become one of the monthly bloggers for the HPT Treasures

iSpring hosted Clark for a
webinar on 'making it meaningful' on 25 February.

ATD published Clark's
article on four trends for learning science (in L&D).

Clark ran a
webinar for eLearning Learning on rethinking life online on 27 Jan.


The new
Learning Development Accelerator asked Clark to join their impressive Executive Advisory Board.

A workshop for the Allen Academy on mlearning and one for HR.com on learning science were run in the fall.

Clark was part of the Learning & Development
conference being offered online June 22-July 31, with an asychronous course on learning science and a live session on engagement.

June 15-16, Clark was expected to keynote and run a workshop at Mathias Vermeulen's event in Belgium. Given the extant situation, it, too, has been postponed.

On 21 May, Clark gave a 'myths' webinar for ATD Sacramento.

Clark was to speak on the (needed) L&D Revolution in São Paulo, Brazil, on May 12! Postponed.

Starting on 6 May, Clark ran a 6 week
course on mobile learning for the Allen Academy. It could go again in the fall. Stay tuned.

Michelle Ockers
interviewed Clark for her Learning Uncut Disruption podcast series.

On Friday, March 27, Clark was supposed to be keynoting the ATD New England chapter's Area
Conference. Owing to the crazy times, it was ultimately cancelled.

At ATD's
TechKnowledge conference in San Jose Feb 5-7, Clark signed books, presented on transforming learning, and hosted a discussion on professionalism.

Clark gave a webinar on 'Beyond the Course' for Origin Learning in January.


Truth in Learning podcast featured Clark in their final show of the year.

Clark's presented the opening keynote on the
Revolution at ATD's Japan Summit in December.

For the inaugural eLearning Point event in Italy, Clark presented a video session on the eLearning Manifesto.

The Learner Engagement Division of the Association for Educational Communications & Technology
awarded Clark for Excellence in Presentation.

Clark presented on Transforming Learning to the ATD East Bay group at the end of October.

At the eLearning Guild's DevLearn conference in October, Clark ran an LXD workshop, co-hosted BizBuzz Bingo, and was part of the Guild Masters panel.

Clark was the opening speaker for a private event in New Orleans in August.

In August, Clark presented via webinar on next generation learning for G-Cube.

Clark was
interviewed by the the Off the Cuff vidcast about the L&D revolution in July.

In July, Clark delivered a
webinar for SAP Litmos on Organizational Intellectricity.

Clark's spoke twice at the
Realities 360 conference in San Jose in June, on the cognitive underpinnings of, and on the performance ecosystem role for, XRs.

Clark kicked off the eLearning Guild's
Science of Learning summit on May 15.

In April, Good Practices interviewed Clark for their

At the eLearning Guild's
Learning Solutions conference March 25-28, Clark presented a Learning Experience Design workshop, integrating learning science and engagement. Clark also talked myths, and a few other things.

Clark spoke to the Charlotte Chapter of ISPI on the
Performance Ecosystem on March 14.

In February, Clark agreed to serve as Treasurer for

Feb 25-27, Clark served as host of the
Strategy Track at Training Magazine's annual conference, opening with an overview and closing with a strategy-development session.

Clark presented on
myths in the Modern Workplace Learning track at the LearnTec conference in Karlsruhe, Germany that ran 29-31 January.

On the 9th of January, Clark presented
The Myths that Plague Us as a webinar for HRDQ-U.


Clark was recognized with Work-Learning Research's 2018
Neon Elephant award.

In December, Clark was elected to the Board of Directors of

Clark was a guest on Relate's
eLearnChat on 15 Nov.

At Litmos'
Live Virtual Summit on 7-8 November, Clark talked about Experience Design.

The week of October 22-26, Clark spoke (the same week!) at
DevLearn on measurement and eLearning science, and at AECT on meta-learning architecture.

Measurement was the topic Clark kicked off for the Bay Area's L&D Learning Design & Technology

answered myth questions on Sept 18 at 11AM ET for Julie Dirksen's Design for How People Learn group.

On September 12 at 1PM ET, Bottom Line Performance hosted Clark for a

Clark spoke to the ATD East Bay chapter on 28 August on myths.

In July, Clark spoke to
WebCourseWorks' audience.

For the
Debunker Club, in June Clark talked about myths.

A variety of organizations and people have interviewed Clark recently, including
Learnnovators, eLearningCoach (Connie Malamed), Bright Carbon, Training Journal, and Leading Learning.

The joint
project between Clark & Learnnovators won platinum in the LearnX awards for best elearning design in a free resource.

Clark spoke on myths at ATD's
International Conference in San Diego in May.

In May, Clark did a
webinar for ATD on myths.

Clark did a webinar for Singapore's Training & Development
Association in April.

book on myths came out from ATD press in April, to rave reviews!

At the eLearning Guild's
Learning Solutions conference in March, Clark spoke on engagement.

Clark's gave a
webinar on myths for Training Mag Network's Technology Learning series in March.

In webinars for the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Clark spoke on engagement and, separately, microlearning.

Clark spoke to his local ATD Chapter about mlearning in February.

In January, Clark presented on Learning Myths at ATD's
TechKnowledge conference.

Clark has started the
Quinnsights column for Learning Solutions online magazine.


Clark was part of the
Association for Educational Communications & Technology conference, talking games, mobile, and learning.

In Shanghai in October, Clark keynoted on AI for ATD's China

At the eLearning Guild's
FocusOn Learning event in San Diego in June, Clark talked about the ecosystem and led a session on the game Fluxx.

Learning's Role in Innovation is Clark's latest article in the May issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine.

The CLO Breakfast
Symposium in San Francisco on 20 April had Clark as a panelist.

At ATD's
Core 4 in Long Beach CA in March, Clark spoke on elearning mistakes and when not to 'course'.

Clark opened the final day of the Mobile in Teacher Education conference in Los Angeles in January.

In January in Las Vegas, Clark was at
Techknowledge, talking up the Revolution and deeper learning design.

Clark's article on
Cognitive Science for Learning for CLO was published.


Clark delivered a
workshop on serious elearning (integrating learning science and engagement) and presented on the Revolution at Online Educa in Berlin in December.

At the
DevLearn conference in Las Vegas in November, Clark ran a Revolution (eLearning Strategy) workshop and a session on elearning myths.

For a government client, Clark delivered a virtual keynote on innovation in November.

Clark keynoted on the performance ecosystem at a private event in Connecticut in September.

With Learnnovators, Clark developed a course on the Future of Work and documented the process in a series of articles. Details are

Clark's written an
article on the Cognitive Apprenticeship pedagogy for Learning Solutions magazine

At China's Online-Edu conference, Clark presented a workshop on mLearning Design and a keynote on mobile learning.

At the International
Conference on e-Learning in the Workplace in New York in June, Clark presented the opening keynote.

Clark was at the Guild's FocusOn Learning (previously mLearnCon)
conference in June in Austin, presenting a workshop on cognitive science for mlearning, and a session on contextual mlearning.

Two book reviews by Clark ended up in eLearnMag, one on Amy Edmonson's book,
Teaming, and one on Todd Rose's The End of Average. Both are recommended.

Clark wrote a brief
bit about Doug Engelbart's contributions for Learning Solutions magazine.

As usual, Clark was at the Guild's
Learning Solutions conference in Orlando in March, presenting on Metrics and again on Culture.

article on Looking at the Bigger Picture came out in the January Chief Learning Officer magazine.


Online Educa Berlin, Clark presented a Mobile Academy Workshop.

Clark was one of the featured speakers in an all-star lineup at
LearnTech Asia 2015 in November in Singapore.

At the
Learning@Work conference in Sydney at the end of October, Clark presented the closing plenary on the Revolution.

As usual, Clark was at the always great DevLearn conference at the end of September, offering a
session on content systems and a workshop on learning science for designers.

Clark was the kickoff speaker at a private event on mobile learning in Shenzhen, China.

For ATD's Science of Learning blog, Clark wrote on

An article on the Revolution, by Clark,
appeared in CLO magazine.

At the CSTD
Symposium in Vancouver in June, Clark keynoted on the Revolution.

At a private event in Las Vegas, Clark spoke on better learning design.

Clark spoke on the revolution and running an associated elearning strategy workshop at the eLearning Symposium
event in Austin in May.

At the Learning Solutions conference in Orlando, Clark
spoke on the revolution.

The revolution L&D needs to have was the topic of Clark's
presentation to the ATD Golden Gate chapter.

Clark was a featured speaker at a private event in Colorado, talking about the Revolution.

At the well-received mLearnNow event in Miami, Clark talked about mLearning design.

In a presentation to the Canadian Conference Board, Clark spoke on revolutionizing L&D.

Clark was an invited participant in a DoEd-sponsored conversation about games and education.


At Charles Sturt University’s
CSUed event, Clark keynoted as well as ran an abbreviated game workshop.

Clark was part of the
mLearnNow event that ATD that was held in New Orleans.

At the Guild’s great
DevLearn conference in Las Vegas in October, Clark ran his eLearning Strategy (L&D Revolution) workshop, was part of a mobile panel, and reported out on his initial work with the Wadhwani Foundation.

Clark led a discussion on the Revolution at the
Future of Talent retreat in September.

The Learning & Performance Institute hosted a conversation on the 24th of September with Clark and their Chair, Donald Taylor about the Revolution.

An article Clark wrote on
Managing for Innovation appeared in the ATD Management Blog.

For UCI’s ID course, Clark spoke on Serious eLearning and the Revolution.

Clark’s article on
The Learning and Development Revolution We Need to Have was published in TD in August.

In June, Clark ran an mLearning 101
workshop at the eLearning Guild’s mLearnCon, was a member of the closing panel (and more). You can view his presentation on mobile policy, and the closing panel. He wrote a review of the conference, and a post-conference reflection on wearables.

David Kelly of the eLearning Guild
interviewed Clark about mlearning.

Clark launched his new
book on L&D strategy via a talk at ASTD’s International Conference in May.

Learnnovators did a very thorough
interview with Clark.

Rick Zanotti of Relate’s eLearnChat video
interviewed Clark on his new book.

At the eLearning Guild’s
Learning Solutions conference, Clark ran his new and improved eLearning Strategy workshop, speaking on informal learning and also on the need for change in L&D.

Clark is part of the
eLearning Manifesto, launched in March, along with Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, and Will Thalheimer.

GameOn Learning’s Bryan Austin interviewed Clark and they’re hosting a
video of it.

Clark gave a
webinar for ASTD on Innovating L&D.

Training 2014, Clark ran an advanced ID workshop and spoke on learning myths.

Clark was the
keynote at NexLearn’s Immersive Learning University conference in Charleston SC in January.

Technology for L&D was the topic of Clark’s presentation at ASTD’s TechKnowledge

Clark has joined
Change Agents Worldwide, to facilitate his ability to help organizations realign L&D to the organization.


Clark visited Minnesota in November to talk to the
Professional Association of Computer Trainers on Harnessing Magic.

At the
eLearning Guild’s DevLearn conference, Clark presented his mobile learning design workshop, among other things.

San Diego’s ISPI chapter hosted a presentation by Clark on deeper ID and social in September.

Clark was
interviewed by John Low of Carney.

Clark presented on mobile performance support and led the closing panel at the
Performance Support Symposium of the eLearning Guild.

At the eLearning Guild’s
mLearnCon mobile learning conference in June, Clark presented two sessions and part of a third, and was a participant in two panels.

On a busy Wednesday morning, Clark was part of two consecutive video chats, one for
eLearnChat and one for mLearnCon.

Clark has a chapter on the future of mLearning in the new
Handbook of Mobile Learning, and honored to be among a who’s who of mobile education.

The eLearn Magazine’s Rock Stars of eLearning series has
profiled Clark.

Clark presented as a featured speaker at the International
Conference on College Teaching and Learning in Jacksonville Florida in April.

At the
Learning Solutions conference in March in Orlando, Clark ran both a mobile learning and a mobile strategy workshop, hosted the mobile stage, and presented on a research panel.

Clark’s presented and ran a workshop at the 3rd International
Conference in e-Learning and Distance Learning in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in February.

Learning technologies was the subject of Clark’s talk to ASTD’s Middle East and North Africa
event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in January.


At the eLearning Guild’s always great
DevLearn conference, Clark not only ran his mobile learning strategy workshop again, and did several other things, but was honored as the Guild’s first Guild Master!

Inside Learning Technologies & Skills published Clark’s
article on mobile & social as a Learning & Development revolution.

wrote on the performance ecosystem and the coherent organization for Chief Learning Officer.

Contextualizing content was the topic of a Learning Solutions
article Clark wrote.

Clark keynoted the first
MobiLearnAsia conference in Singapore in October, as well as ran a mobile strategy workshop and sessions on mobile social and mobile design.

At the
Performance Support Symposium of the eLearning Guild in September, Clark presented on mobile. He preceded that with a presentation on Deeper ID to ISPI’s Massachusett’s chapter.

article on content systems for the Learning Solutions mag came out in August.

Jay Cross and Clark are hosting a new group in Jane Hart’s
Social Learning Centre on The Coherent Organization, the Internet Time Alliance’s new framework for assisting organizations to come to grip with the processes needed for the new workplace.

The eLearning Guild held their biggest ever
mLearnCon mobile conference in San Jose, and Clark ran a mobile learning strategy workshop, appeared in a featured session on Making Mobile Work, gave a joint presentation with Patti Schank on the mobile research report, and was part of two separate panels.

Clark’s spoke on innovation and strategy at the fun
Innovations in eLearning conference in DC June 6-7 (where his ITA colleagues Jane Hart keynoted and Harold Jarche also presented).

As part of the Guild’s Best of mLearnCon
free webinars, Clark spoke on How Mobile Enables Social Learning (you can view it).

Clark was part of a
free webinar on what people don’t get about mobile with Float Learning.

Your Brain on Apps, Clark’s article on mobile, ran in the April edition of Chief Learning Officer magazine.

At the eLearning Guild’s always great
Learning Solutions conference in Orlando, March 21-23, Clark ran his elearning strategy workshop.

At the India-based
Edge-X conference, Clark spoke on mobile and gaming.

Internet Time Alliance, of which Clark is a member, released their new web site.


Clark was part of the Thought Leader seminar series for the
CSTD Conference and Trade Show Nov 16-18 in Toronto.

In November, Clark gave a
talk on mobile learning (10th), and ran a workshop on social learning (11th) for the DC chapter of ASTD,

Clark did an author session for
Designing mLearning at the Learning 2011 conference in Orlando Nov 6-9.

At the always worthwhile
DevLearn conference (Nov 2-4), Clark ran a pre-conference workshop on mobile strategy on the 1st, and was involved in a number of activities with the Internet Time Alliance.

At Jossey-Bass’
Online Teaching and Learning Conference October 18-20, Clark keynoted.

Clark joined his colleagues Jay Cross and Jane Hart of the
Internet Time Alliance in a presentation at the CLO Fall Symposium in Laguna Niguel 12-14 Oct.

For Training Magazine’s
Learning 3.0 conference, Clark presented a pre-conference elearning strategy workshop and a session on engaging learning.

Clark’s second mLearning and third overall book,
The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Higher Education is now available.

Clark presented a webinar on mobile learning to TrainingMagNetwork, which is
archived here (free membership may be required).

The Dallas Chapter of ASTD had Clark keynote their
Southwest Learning Summit & Exposition 9 August.

At the 2011
Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning August 3-5 in Madison, WI, Clark keynoted.

Clark was on the advisory committee for the eLearning Guild’s exciting new
mLearnCon, will be participating in several sessions, and leading a pre-conference certificate program on mLearning Design.

For the Cascadia Chapter of ASTD, Clark will part of a special session on
mobile learning.

At the always-fun
Innovations in eLearning conference in DC in June, Clark will be speaking on mobile learning and on the bigger picture of elearning.

While in Australia, Clark ran two workshops for the
eLearning Network of Australasia, May 30 and 31, on Deeper Instructional Design and Game Design.

Clark presented a general session at the
Australasian Talent Conference in Sydney, May 24-26, as well as running pre-conference workshops on mobile and strategy.

The eLearning Guild’s new Mobile Learning Research Report, authored by Clark, is
out and available free to paid members.

Cammy Bean of Kineo
interviewed Clark about mobile.

On April 12th, Clark was
interviewed for eLearnchat, a video series.

The Internet Time Alliance, including Clark, gave a
webinar on Exploring Social Learning and Smarter Working on 30 March.

As part of the eLearning Guild’s
Thought Leader series, Clark presented a webinar on mobile learning on March 8th.

Training Industry Quarterly and Adobe sponsored a
webinar with Clark on Mobile Learning on the 24th of February.

The mobile design workshop was presented by Clark at ASTD’s
TechKnowledge conference in January in San Jose.

For Saffron Interactive’s videos, Clark
spoke briefly on social learning.

Clark spoke on game design for the
Learning Technologies UK conference in London in January, and you can view the presentation.

At the eLearning Guild’s
Online Forum on ID, Clark closed by speaking on Beyond ID (Rethinking eLearning: Performer Augmentation)

Clark’s next book,
Designing mLearning: Tapping into the mobile revolution for organizational performance (Pfeiffer), is out! Bill Brandon of the eLearning Guild’s written the first review of it.


As part of two
Internet Time Alliance engagements, Clark was in Europe in December. First in Maastricht, and then in London.

Online Educa, Clark spoke on mobile, and again on social learning with the Internet Time Alliance.

At the
Virtual School Symposium in Arizona, Clark presented along with Shearon Arnott from Florida Virtual Schools and Mohit Bhargava of LearningMate.

Clark spoke on mobile learning at the WCET
conference in La Jolla.

At the eLearning Guild’s excellent
DevLearn conference in November in San Francisco, Clark presented on performance augmentation, helped out with Judy Brown’s Mobile Learning Jam and Mark Oehlert’s Social Media Camp, and presented with the Internet Time Alliance.

Clark was
interviewed by Cammy Bean for her Learning Visions blog.

SuddenlySmart, makers of Smart Builder,
interviewed Clark on learning engagement.

At the Guild’s
mLearnCon mobile learning conference June 15th-17th in San Diego, Clark presented his (new and improved) mobile learning design workshop, a session on new directions, another session with Richard Clark on mobile learning, and participated regularly in the Future Zone and MOSHPit. If you’re into mobile learning, this was and will be the conference to be at.

Clark is on the advisory board for the eLearning Guild’s new
mLearnCon mobile learning conference June 15th-17th in San Diego.

At the fun
Innovations in eLearning conference in DC June 2-3, Clark presented on the intersection of mobile, gaming, and design.

Clark’s written an article arguing
Better Design Doesn’t Take Longer! at eLearn Magazine.

Rethinking e-Learning is the title of Clark's article in Learning Solutions on broadening our vision of what learning technology can do.

Clark was part of the eLearning Guild’s
Learning Solutions conference in Orlando March 22-26. He presented a session on distributed learning, as well as being part of the Foundations Intensive introduction to eLearning and the IDZone. As always, a great conference.

Clark presented to the
San Francisco Chapter of the Society for Technical Communications on eLearning 2.0 on February 17.

On January 13, Clark (virtually) told the Massachusetts chapter of ISPI to
Blow up the training department.


Clark will be speaking at
Online Educa in Berlin, Dec 1-3.

At DevLearn 2009 in November, Clark & Jay Cross presented a day long workshop on
Be the Future of Organizational Learning: Become a Chief Meta-Learning Officer. Clark also presented on advanced learning, and with Richard Clark on practical mobile solutions. A great conference as always.

Clark was one of the authors on Entreprise Collaborative’s kickoff
white paper on Social Learning.

Pfeiffer has contracted Clark to write his second book, this one on mobile learning. Let him
know what you’d like to see in it!

Clark has been added to the editorial board of ACM’s respected
eLearn Magazine. This is in addition to his roles on the British Journal of Educational Technology, and Impact: Journal of Applied Research in Workplace E-learning.

Jay and Clark presented the results of the survey associated with our Chief Learning Officer magazine article,
Become a Chief Meta-learning Officer at the CLO Fall Symposium. A really interesting conference, with some reflections.

On short notice, Clark presented at the NSA’s Beyond the Classroom conference, on new organizational learning.

Clark presented on game design at SRI for their session on Design for Effective Learning in Virtual Worlds.

In June, Clark talked on myths about the new learner at George Mason University and the Defense Acquisition University's 5th Annual
Innovations in eLearning conference. With keynotes like Will Wright and Vint Cerf, it was a great conference.

International Conference and Exposition in DC, Clark offered a well-received 1 day workshop on eLearning strategy as a pre-conference workshop.

Clark’s article on
Optimizing Learning came out in Learning Circuits.

Jay Cross & Clark have a new article out in Chief Learning Officer magazine,
Become a Chief Meta-learning Officer. Check it out!

In May, Clark presented on
Deeper Instructional Design for the Society for Technical Communications' San Francisco chapter.

Clark presented online quite a bit this spring. He was part of ASTD's Pulse of the Profession series with TogetherLearn on April 22nd and again with TogetherLearn on Corporate Learning Trends & Innovation on the 21st. Then he soloed for Training Magazine Network's Provocative Ideas on April 30th. The latter two were free, and you can now access a
recording of the Training Magazine Network presentation.

Michael Allen's eLearning Annual 2009 came out in March, including Clark's article on elearning strategy:
Populating the Learnscape: e-Learning as Strategy (PDF). Some great names are represented, including Jay Cross, Lance Dublin, Karl Kapp, Bob Mosher, and more.

Clark's article on formal and informal roles for social learning technologies came out in the eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions eZine.

At the VizThink conference in February in San Jose, Clark spoke on the cognitive components of diagrams. I'm looking forward to it, as it sounds fascinating!

Clark spoke to the Berkeley chapter of the Society for Technical Communication on game design.

Clark has once again gone out on a limb and made predictions for 2009 for eLearn Mag. There're some great thoughts among the assembled authors, so check it out!


Clark was involved in the TogetherLearn presentation for the Corporate Learning Trends online conference going on.

At the eLearning Guild's DevLearn conference in San Jose Nov. 11-14, Clark again was part of the pre-conference intensives on games and mobile, as well as delivering another session on Deeper Instructional Design, a session with Jay Cross on Learnscaping, and two breakfast bytes.

Clark co-led, with Jeff Johannigman, the eLearning Guild's Summer Seminar on Immersive Learning Simulations, serious games, virtual worlds, and more, Aug 13 and 14. Got game?

Clark's piece on mobile devices was adapted for Learning Circuits. It's the companion piece to last year's screed on mobile design in the eLearning Guild's Research Report on Mobile Learning.

On short notice, Clark led a session on Deeper Instructional Design for the eLearning Guild's Online Forum on Creating Innovative Instructional Content – Advanced Theory and Application.

Accompanying Ellen Wagner's thoughtful Mobile Learning piece in the eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions magazine (must be a member, but associate membership is free) is a short screed by Clark on mobile web opportunities. Clark's piece is also available by itself.

Quinnovation has published a Mobile Devices white paper to accompany Clark's mobile design piece in the eLearning Guild's Research Report on Mobile Learning.

For ASTD's LA Chapter Special Division on eLearning, Clark presented in May on e-Learning Strategies: A Systematic Framework for Moving Beyond Traditional e-Learning. It's now archived and available for viewing.

Clark spoke to the Best Practices Institute on From Execution to Innovation: Strategically Enhancing Organizational Learning Through Technology. If you're a member, I think you can see a recording of the presentation.

In April, Clark was part of the Management Colloquium at the eLearning Guild's Annual Gathering (in Orlando), as well as both the Immersive Learning Simulation & Mobile pre-conference Research Symposia. As always, a great conference.

In February, Clark offered his game design workshop, and spoke on mobile design, at TechKnowledge.


At the eLearning Guild's Online Forum in November, Clark talked about mobile design.

Clark keynoted the Danish Research Network's annual meeting in November. He also was part of a subsequent day's event on simulation games as well as mobile learning.

At SENA's eLearning 07 event in Colombia, Clark spoke oneLearning Strategy, as well as running his game and mobile learning design workshops.

At the eLearning Guild's DevLearn conference in San Jose in November, Clark gave talks on eLearning tools and also on emotion in eLearning. He also was part of the pre-conference management symposium on mobile learning, and a wrapup event having several designers compete to design a learning game.

The eLearning Guild's September Online Forum was an introduction to eLearning, and Clark was the opening speaker.

The eLearning Guild's continuing their research series, after the Immersive Learning Simulations (was Simulations & Games) that Clark was part of they've done a couple others. They've now done one on mobile learning, and Clark again worked with an elite team.

The New York Enterprise Report interviewed Clark on eLearning for their July issue.

ASTD's Training+ Development magazine has an article on immersive learning simulations that features Clark (as well as the other Clark) that appeared in the June issue.

Clark talked on games as part of a panel and his own session at GMU & DAU's eLearning Innovations III symposium in June. Games and simulations was a major focus of the symposium.

Not only was the game design workshop run again at the eLearning Guild's reliably great Annual Gathering, but Clark also talked about improved learning design and, separately, his new thoughts on elearning strategy.

Clark was interviewed on simulation games by NexLearn (creators of SimWriter) for their April newsletter.

Mel Silberman's Handbook of Experiential Learning came out, with a chapter by Clark on learning simulation design.

Clark keynoted DIGITEL 2007, the IEEE's international workshop on Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning March 26-28, as well as sat on a games panel. The Game Design Workshop was run on the 29th.

The Game Design Workshop was a pre-conference certificate at VNU's Training 2007 conference in Orlando.

The Game Design Workshop was offered at ASTD's TechKnowledge conference, which is shaping up to be very interesting (Clark's been serving on the planning committee). Clark and other members of the planning committee also held a panel to talk about coming trends.

Clark was part of an elite team on the eLearning Guild's special report on Immersive Learning Simulations (read: Games). Check it out!


eLearnMag has just published Clark's article, 7 Steps to Better eLearning.

The Game Design Workshop will be held again in October, at the eLearning Guild's DevLearn conference (here in the Bay Area!), as will a Mobile Design session. They run really good conferences, so hope to see you there.

Clark's off to Boston in October, representing Knowledge Anywhere, to present two sessions on advanced content design for performance and learning, as well as serving on a simulation/games panel at the Documentation and Training conference in Boston. If you're there, say hello!

In July, Clark journeyed to Hong Kong to present the opening keynote for the International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning, talking about game design.

Clark presented on Advanced Instructional Design in the eLearning Guild's June Online Forum.

Once again, Clark is teaching for the Master's of Instructional Science & Technology Program at California State University Monterey Bay. This summer he's covering the Learning Theory subject.

The UK government sent over an elite eLearning mission, and Clark co-chaired the day long session held at SRI in May.

Clark has been added as an editorial board member of the prestigious British Journal of Educational Technology.

The Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan hosted a two-day version of the learning game design workshop on April 25-26th in Taipei, and a one day mobile workshop on the 27th. A great trip.

The well-received Game Design workshop was presented again at the excellent-as-usual eLearning Guild's Annual Gathering (April 18-21), as well as a Mobile Design presentation. Clark was also on a mobile panel with Ellen Wagner, David Metcalf, and Judy Brown.

Clark's article on eMotional eLearning was published in April in the eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions e-Magazine. I do recommend the Guild, by the way.

At Training 2006 (March 6-8, the training show) in Orlando, Clark spoke on both game design and mobile learning.

An abbreviated version of the Learning Game Design workshop was run for CEDIR (Centre for Educational Development and Interactive Resources) at the University of Wollongong in February.

In February, Clark talked about going beyond traditional elearning, and covering models for mobile and more, at the University of Sydney's CoCo Lab (Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition).

Clark keynoted the Simulation & Games Online Symposium (Feb 8-10), along with Clark Aldrich and the ever-great Thiagi.

Clark's launched a blog, Learnlets.com, with his learnings on learning.


An article on simulations and games in December's HR magazine featured comments by Clark (unfortunately only available to subscribers).

In November, Clark was a guest speaker at the e-Merging e-Learning conference to be held in Abu Dhabi.

Mobile learning, and levels of engagement, were the topics of Clark's presentations at Training Fall 2005 in Long Beach.

In October, Clark keynoted NASAGA's annual conference.

Clark spoke on games for learning at TechLearn 2005 in Las Vegas.

Learning Circuits has published Clark's Delivering the Dream article on using models to personalize learning.

Gamasutra published Clark's Soapbox on Making Learning Fun.

Clark is teaching about Instructional Multimedia in Cal State Monterey Bay's Master of Instructional Science and Technology program for the fall term.

An excerpt from Engaging Learning: Designing e-Learning Simulation Games has been posted in Learning Circuits.

Clark again offered his workshop on elearning simulation game design (to rave reviews!) at the eLearning Guild's eLearning Instructional Design conference in Boston in June, as well as speaking on mobile learning.

The InSync Center's Author Forum had Clark speaking on the principles behind Engaging Learning.

Learning Circuits interviewed Clark for a 5 year update on his LiNEzine article on mobile learning.

Clark conducted a workshop on elearning simulation game design (that is, the topic of the forthcoming
book) at the eLearning Guild's eLearning Producer Conference. He also gave a session on different levels of delivering engagement and was part of Jay Cross' panel on the future of elearning.


Clark was interviewed for the Norwegian Association for Distance Education, and the result is available as a PDF in their 2004 publication (see page 18). Unfortunately, it's in Norwegian (I can't read it either).

British Telecom is conducting a project on the future of learning experiences, and Clark participated with the august company of Wayne Hodgins, John Seely Brown, Jay Cross, and others. Hopefully more to follow.

The Soapbox column in the December issue of Training Magazine is an article by Clark talking about how training departments might make more sense in a different organizational structure.

Clark has affiliated with the Workflow Institute as their Director of User Experience. This is in addition to ongoing work with a variety of clients.

At TechLearn, Nov. 14-17, Clark spoke on mobile learning.

Clark talked about elearning game design, mobile learning, and even workflow learning (separately), at the Training Fall conference in October 2004 in San Francisco.

With a great sigh of relief, Clark handed in his manuscript for Engaging Learning: Designing eLearning Simulation Games on 10 September at the Pfeiffer office. It is scheduled to be available in May 2005.

"Learning at Large: Situating learning in the bigger picture of action in the world", Clark's new article (in PDF), has been published in the July-August 2004 issue of Educational Technology Magazine. (Vol 4, #4).

Clark spoke about scenarios for learning (on behalf of LearningMate) at the recent WebCT conference in Orlando, Florida in July.

The Elearning Network of Australasia held the Simulation and Synchronicity E-Extravaganza on July 7, and Clark was one of the speakers.

On the 22nd of June, Clark addressed the Seattle chapter of ISPI.

Clark was one of the four speakers in the eLearning Guild's June 10 Online Forum on "Design Strategies for Leveraging Games & Simulations in e-Learning", in the august company of Thiagi, Clark Aldrich, and Marc Prensky.

A presentation on Going Mobile: Learning Objects on the Run has been accepted for the ASTD 2002 International Conference in Washington, D.C. in May, 2004.

The Emergent Learning Forum's April meeting was on Simulations, and Clark was one of the presenters.

Clark's white paper for LearningMate, "Scenario-Based Learning: An effective and efficient approach to improving text-centric learning by interactive adjuncts", is now available.

At the East Bay chapter of the Society for Technical Communication on April 1 (no fooling!), Clark spoke on Performance Support Systems and strategic directions.

Clark attended the invitational Almaden Institute of IBM on 'work in the era of the global, extensible enterprise' on 24 March.

In mid-March, Clark returned to Atlanta as a presenter for the invitation-only e-Agenda.

Clark was part of the Mobile Learning panels and booth at Training 2004 at the beginning of March.

On the 19th of February, Clark spoke to the Silicon Valley chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement.

On the 12th of February, Clark addressed the Bay Area chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

In the January issue of Training Magazine, Clark is quoted in an article on self-directed learning: Building Better Learners.

Eileen Clegg and Clark's chapter The Agility Factor will appear in Cambridge University Press' Creating a Learning Culture: Strategy, Technology, and Practice.


Education and Technology:An Encyclopedia, with Clark's entry on Human Computer Interaction, is now published.

Clark presented his Design for Doing model at the November meeting of the eLearning Forum.

eLearning history and future were the topics Clark addressed for the Research and Education Network of the Norwegian Trade Council, Norway's largest organization for elearning, on the 3rd of November.

The October issue of the IEEE's Learning Technology newsletter had as special section on 'Meta-Learning' edited by Clark, and included his guest editorial.

Clark was interviewed by the KAPS Group's Tom Reamy for EContent magazine's "KM and Elearning: A Powerful Combination" in the October issue.

At Online Learning 2003 in Los Angeles Sept. 22- 24, Clark presented on learning games (Wednesday 2:00 -3:00 Session 714). He also demonstrated Knowledge Anywhere's mobile learning solutions at the mlearning booth, and presented in the summary mlearning session.

Clark attended the invitation-only "Gaming to Learn" 2003 workshop sponsored by Stanford University's Media X consortium.

The Boise, Idaho chapter of ASTD hosted a mini-conference on "Learning as a Business Strategy" on September 4th, and Clark spoke along with Bill Strelke, Executive Vice-President of Knowledge Anywhere, on the topic of "Impacting Human Performance With Blended Learning."

Clark reviewed proposals again with a September deadline for the National Science Foundation's Information Technology Research program.

The July 1 2003 issue of Learning & Training Innovations (formerly e-learning magazine) quotes Clark in an article about learning through simulations.

Clark reviewed grant proposals for the National Science Foundation's Information Technology Research program in March.

SRI Consulting Business Intelligence's Learning On Demand program cited Clark in their Q1 2003 Bulletin on Mobile Learning.

The Mobile Learning Objects White Paper was the February article for TrainingMag.com

The Center for Civic Education has elected Clark to their Board of Directors.

Clark's written a white paper for Knowledge Anywhere on Mobile Learning Objects that is getting some good initial reactions.


The Learning Federation held a special workshop Dec 5-6 on "Instructional Design for New Technology-Enabled Approaches to Learning" at the Institute of Simulation and Training at the University of Central Florida. The workshop is part of a larger effort to develop a national research agenda around games and simulations, and Clark was invited to join in.

Clark gave a guest lecture at the DigiPen Institute of Technology on the 2nd of December on the implications of learning for game design.

Clark was the opening speaker at the Narrative and Interactive Learning Environments workshop in Edinburgh, 6 - 9 August.

On July 16th, Clark assisted the United Nations Development Program in an initiative on Advanced Leadership Development.

Clark joined a host of senior corporate executives, scholars, and management education faculty at the Creating a Learning Culture event held at the Batten Institute of the Darden Graduate School of Business, June 26-28.

Jay Cross and Clark wrote a white paper on the value of learning about learning.

The Meta-Learning Lab, as represented by Clark and Jay Cross, were the subject of the May 22 Saba Human Capital Live webcast.

Clark was one of the bloggers chosen for ASTD's Learning Circuits learning blog.

In the May 2002 issue of Deloitte & Touche's internal newsletter, Cappuccino, Clark is interviewed on the subject of making learning engagement in an article titled "Comics, Novels, Answering Machines and -- Learning". Here's a reprint.

Meta-learning was the focus of the March eLearning Forum meeting, and the Meta-Learning Lab ran the show.

In March, Clark was one of the panelists in the Silicon Valley Chapter of ISPI's panel on Learning Objects.
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