Learning Experience Design Strategy

Meaningful learning is
Yet what we're doing in corporate learning isn't working. One report suggests that as little as 10% of training actually has any impact! Our approaches are still in the Industrial Age, and we need to do better. And we can. But not if we don't take action!

Innovation isn't throwing people into a room with a problem
From brainstorming to facilitating ongoing background innovation, there are nuances to getting it right. We need to get the best out of people, but a lot of what people are pushing is incomplete if not outright wrong! You need to act on what's known, not just what's sold.

We know how to do better
Research tells us that when we work in ways that are consonant with how our brains actually think, work, and learn, we can get the outcomes we want and need. Yet most organizational practices are close to being the worst thing we can do! And it's hurting our opportunities for success. We want a steadily executing and systemically innovative organization. Systematic creativity isn't an oxymoron.

Quinnovation is your partner in making practices work
We've quite literally written the book on revolutionizing organizational learning for the 21st century. Learning is at the core of both successful performance and innovation, in different ways. And we're experts in both. We have worked with organizations to refine their instructional design practices to find the smallest changes that will yield the biggest impacts. And we've helped organizations understand how to foster innovation both fast and slow.

If you're:

  • concerned about wasted investments in training
  • wanting to move from an order-taker to a strategic contributor
  • keen to leverage technology
  • eager to help the organization become more agile and innovative
  • looking for the next step in moving forward

you're ready to Quinnovate.

It's time to transform your learning and spark your organization's 'intellectricity'!


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