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Clark partners with his colleagues as the Internet Time Alliance to help organizations advance collaborative learning. We are outspoken advocates of curriculum-free, interactive, self-service learning. Organizations call on us to grow ecologies where work and learning are one and the same, where people help one another build competency and master new crafts, where members of self-sustaining communities of professionals participate because they take pride in maintaining their standards and doing a great job, and where everyone strives to be all she can be. Open, participative, bottom-up, networked, flexible, responsive: that’s learning with business impact.

LearningMateLearningMate creates engaging e-learning content and smart technology to develop, manage and deliver effective learning experiences. With locations in New York, Vancouver, London and Mumbai the company leverages a global talent base of close to 1000 professionals across four countries to solve business critical problems in Learning Design, Content Management, XML workflows and Content Delivery. Continued investments in research and innovation at LearningMate support a push towards a world where anyone can engage with high quality learning experiences, collaborate with their peers and create shared value on any screen, anytime, anywhere.

KA LogoKnowledge Anywhere is a long-time eLearning industry leader, expert at creating cost-effective, tailor-made e-learning solutions that deliver measurable business results for our customers. Their solutions are effective, engaging, and innovative–available via the web, mobile devices or as embedded systems.

Internet Time Alliance colleagues

Jane Hart
Harold Jarche
Charles Jennings