Mobile devices are here, there, and everywhere. Can we use them to support learning? The answer is a definite “yes”! Mobile provides a new channel for learning -- whether it be formal or informal -- and offers unique properties for just-in-time, just-in-place learning. But it’s not about augmenting learning, it’s about augmenting performance. Because mobile is not about courses, but instead supports a broad definition of learning, including innovation, collaboration, research, design and more, generating new products, services, and problems solved. Whether providing needed tools, augmenting learning, or connecting individuals, mobile is a powerful new tool for supporting performance.

This book provides a comprehensive basis for you to take advantage of mobile learning. It approaches mobile learning from a fundamental perspective, helping you understand and appreciate the rich opportunities that mLearning presents. The book briefly reviews the history of learning from a broad perspective and then goes on to survey the breadth of devices available in today’s market, equipping you with appropriate ways to think about and pursue mobile learning.

The audience for this book is not only instructional designers but also developers, media experts, managers, and anyone with responsibility for supporting performance in organizations. While the focus is largely on the design of solutions, there is enough support for the reasons to think mobile, and the organizational issues to assist the larger agenda of mobilizing the organization.

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Finally, a much needed book for instructional designers -- and those who work with them -- to think outside the course and to ask the right questions. - Judy Brown, Mobile Learning Researcher

The future is mobile. It will rock you more than the web did. And Clark Quinn has written the missing manual. - Jay Cross, CEO Internet Time and author Informal Learning

Clark Quinn sets the pace for a swift race toward mobile everything. His thought-leadership and focus on solutions that work make him the one to watch, to read, and to learn from now! - Marcia ConnerAdvisor in business culture and collaboration, Co-author of The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organization Through Social Media

Stop thinking mLearning is miniaturized eLearning. Just as digital video has enabled entirely new forms of entertainment and communication, mLearning enables powerful new (and old) performance solutions at very low costs. Clark omits the deafening hyperbole and delivers today’s best source of clear, complete, and useful mLearning guidance for us all. - Michael Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions

Dr. Quinn brilliantly guides you through the reasons why mobile technologies are changing the world.  This book should be required reading for all, not just educators or learning professionals. - Brent Schlenker, New Media and Technology Analyst, The eLearning Guild

Those of us in learning and development know we spend a disproportionate amount of time on formal training, missing opportunities to support workers where real learning occurs: in work, every day. With a wealth of examples, Clark Quinn provides a clear, useful guidebook for using 21st-century tools to support our performers as they enact their work and apply new learning.  - Jane Bozarth, Ed.D., Author, Social Media for Trainers and Better than Bullet Points

Yes, this is a handy book about mobile learning and support. But it's also a thoughtful nudge towards rethinking what we mean when we say we are educators. - Allison Rossett, San Diego State University

Quinn takes you by the hand and leads you carefully and comprehensively through the m-learning maze of devices, models, examples and designs, at the same time demonstrating that mobile learning is more than being about learning but is also about performance. - Jane Hart, Founder & CEO, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Mobile computing is the future that is already here. Clark Quinn, cognitive scientist and practitioner, shows how training and education will be dramatically affected as mobile blurs the distinction between formal and informal learning. It will be mLearning. – Harold Jarche, Network Learning Specialist, Jarche.com

Working with Clark in the Internet Time Alliance, I've come to appreciate that he has an immense reservoir of knowledge and experience in mobile learning. His thoughts are always well worth reading and absorbing. - Charles Jennings, CEO, Duntroon Associates (former CLO Thomson Reuters)


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